Time Loop

Nature Swirls 

Time loop or Time buckles started during the 1st to 2nd month of COVID19 quarantine. Almost always I’ve made the work centralized; in these ones, I decided to work on the elements as individual or still, fragments, as if they are on their way to form part of another whole or vice versa, deconstructing.

They are a representation of how I was experiencing time. Sometimes elongated, then still, sometimes fast; in other times when the time felt slow, looking back it felt like a glimpse or blurry, and then a sort of loop, a buckle, and repeat, it was experienced again.

This piece takes part of Nature swirls as a reflection point on the relationship between mankind and nature and how it is so broken, that it has disrupted so many habitats and resulted in this present pandemic, forcing us to stay inside, alienated from our own human social nature. Hopefully this time has created a time for contemplation to take action on our relationship to nature at an individual level.

Works on paper:
Acrylic, collage and 18kt gold leaf on cotton paper
8” x 22”in each

Works on canvas:
Graphite and acrylic on canvas
  © Vero Glezqui 2024