Anthropogenic Sediments

Sedimentos Antropogénicos

Future Imprints

Anthropogenic Sediments are collages cutouts of fragments of large landscapes intertwined with symbols that represent commonly exploited resources like carbon, oil, coal, minerals and different types of stone plus two added symbols of plastic and textile. It implies how the exploitation of these mentioned resources has disrupted diverse ecosystems at an exponential rate and left direct imprints on the soil and the environment producing an unbalance in nature accelerating climate change.

These series are part of Future imprints. A project that combines layers of visual and graphic information that portray the Anthropocene era from a stratigraphic and geologic point of view. It uses lithological symbols, imagery that represents rocks, stones and different sediments on a micro and macro level as well as materials like plastics and textiles intertwined in different formats through mix media.

Part 1

Acrylic, graphite, collage and synthetic paper on cotton paper
15” x 11”in each

Part 2

Acrylic, collage and synthetic paper on cotton paper
30” x 22”in each

Part 3

Acrylic, graphite, collage and synthetic paper on canvas
24” x 17”in each
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