Vero Glezqui, 1984
(Verónica González Quirós)

English version

Multidisciplinary Visual Artist. In my work I explore the constructions of nature on a micro and macro level; the diverse elements that conform it, the complexity of its systems, the geological processes, its natural cycles as well as reflect on our relationship to nature.

I delve into these notions of nature from different viewing points, by circling between environmental science and philosophical elements. I re-appropriate graphic symbols that represent scientific data and add new invented ones; I use found imagery and re-contextualize it forming imagined geologies that contain layers of visual information that evokes the transformation of our ecosystem, serving as both, a commentary and a reflection on our present imprint from an ecological view.

I work across disciplines such as drawing, painting, mixed media and installation; using materials like paper, collage, found imagery and textiles depending on the nature of the work.

I graduated from my BA at the University of the State of Baja California, 2009. I’ve participated in collective and solo shows in the Tijuana, San Diego and Los Angeles area, as well as Mexico City, Monterrey and Oaxaca. I was a grant recipient of FONCA Jóvenes Creadores (2019-20); I’ve been rewarded with Artists Residencies in Amsterdam, Melbourne, Oaxaca and Enschede NL. I’ve participated in National and International Biennales in Mexico since 2014.

Spanish version

Artista visual multidisciplinaria. Su trabajo explora las construcciones de la naturaleza a nivel micro y macro; Los diversos elementos que la conforman, la complejidad de sus sistemas, los procesos geológicos, sus ciclos naturales y reflexiona sobre nuestra relación con la naturaleza. A través de técnicas mixtas de dibujo, pintura y collage sobre soportes convencionales e irregulares, profundiza en éstas nociones de la naturaleza desde diferentes puntos de vista, oscilando entre ciencias ambientales y elementos filosóficos.

Utiliza imágenes encontradas y las re-contextualiza formando geologías imaginarias donde juega con fragmentos de elementos naturales como texturas de tierra, piedras, valles y montañas con símbolos litológicos establecidos e inventados para crear capas de información visual que evocan la transformación de nuestro ecosistema sirviendo como comentario y reflexión sobre nuestra huella actual desde una perspectiva ecológica.

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